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The Hill-Driving

ScreenShot Image : The Hill-Driving - Third person view 3D sports car hillclimb racing game for Silverlight®

The Hill-Driving is a compact third person view 3D sports-car hillclimb-type time-trial racing game designed for Microsoft® Silverlight®. Enjoy thrilling virtual realistic drivings at speed of over-100mph on technical winding roads.

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How-to-Play Instructions

Check the course map on the titie window and click "Start" button to get ready for a driving. Your time-trial-run starts immediately, as "Go!" sign appears after starting countdown of 3 seconds. Drive the car by keyboard actions — using arrow keys for steering, Z key for acceleration and X key for fish-tailing — and finish the run by passing through the "Checkered-Gate" placed at the far end of the track.

Game-Play Results

A detailed report about your gameplay will be displayed when you finish a time trial, that contains time record, average speed, number of crashes and total rating for your driving. The rating is primarily determined by the time record. To earn good rating, save time by going along the shortest line on the track through the best use of the road-width to maximum extent across lanes. And also use fish-tailing effectively so that you can swiftly pass through tight curves without wasting much time by serious crashes into side-walls.

You can obtain a copy of your gameplay results in text format by clicking on COPY link button. Share your results on your websites, blogs, public profiles of social networking services or forums in your favorite internet communities. Hold racing events with your friends and have more fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

*If you have questions to be put here, please write an email to the contact address through "feedback" link in the footer of this web-page.


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